Friday, June 19, 2009

Winners are Grinners

Well that's what they say,right, so true after looking at this photo of the girls today

Today was school carnival day, and as sports captains of Warreen, Ocearna and her mate Jess lead their team to victory today, being the first win for the team in 9years.

I am so proud of my girls, not only for Ocey and the team, all my girls did really well in their events.


1st high jump

1st 100m sprints

1st 200m sprints

1st shot put

2nd long jump

4th 800m run


3rd 100m sprint

4th 200m sprint


1st high jump

2nd long jump

3rd 100m sprint

So off to district comps now for Ocey,she also qualified for the Senior School Girls Redland Distict Softball team on Wednesday. Go Ocey!!

Ursula,Jess,Lara(PE Teacher)Ocearna,Mr Fanning(Principal),Finaly


Thea said...

Yay for girl power! Congratulations proud mama. I'll see you tomorrow.

Sandrine said...

You must be a very proud mummy!Big congratulations to your girls;)


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