Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Times they are a Changin'

As some of you may know I have been cleaning private homes for a few years now..
This has served me well while my girls have been little and at school.
But now as they are getting older and able to manage.
And having my life turned upside down and around again all in 5 months.
It was time to put things in to perspective and do something for me.
So I'm packing my mop and broom away,
and taking on the retail world.
But first I have to become a full time student, just as my girls are going on holidays, mummy is going back to school.
So with that in mind, mummy has been busy this week trying to bring some order to the house, so that I don't totally lose my mind.
With a couple of new items from the 1/2 price sales, that seem to be in every shop at the moment(they were begging to be bought) I proceeded to hang them up in my cupboard and this is what happened......
When I first saw my pile, I thought oh no what have I started, even considered parting with my Vintage and Boho clothes(only a passing thought)

But when I introduced smaller coat hangers and sorted my "retail" clothes from my "Boho" clothes, I felt much better. Feeler a little closer to being organised. Even dabbled in a bit of colour coordination(that won't last)

It's my last day home alone tomorrow, so really hoping to get some sewing done, but have a funny feeling I might get side tracked into "organising" It's so nice cleaning my own home for a change

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love of Friday♥

Personalised Jewels

I have been wanting some personalised jewelery for sometime now. Just can never decide on which designer to go for. So many out there now.

I feel in love when I saw this peas in a pod custom, perfect for my 3 little peas.

I think it's the font that caught my eye

And how cool are these spoon handles,I must admit they were my first love

Would love to get the girls something special too, like this pretty ButterflyLoving these rings, too, spesh the FOREVER one:)

OK, getting totally of track there, but you see the theme building

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love of Friday♥

Ok today my love is torn between these Sweet Seventies purses & the Vintage Wallpaper Wallets form Lyssymay.

Something to put in my Cath Kidston bag from last weeks Friday post.

Maybe I could get away with one being a card holder and the other my money holder, well it is a big bag.

Check other cool bits to put in your bag over here

A bit Lady GaGa.....

but I likey

I could never walk down the street in this get up. Maybe the races, but never go.
Will just have to admire her creativity, and divine photography
You can find the interview with the creator Zara Carpenter here

Friday, June 11, 2010

Love of Friday♥

oopps, was so flat out last week I forgot to post on Friday, so here's my catch up:)

Keeping with the bag theme today I'm in love with...

The latest collection from Jaime Beattie "The Way We Were"

Taking inspiration from the shapes and textures of Nature.

The collection is available in two colour ways, Drift and Shell

Available here

Love of Friday♥

After picking Finlay up from her friends this evening, she informed me how she would like to her hair tomorrow, thinking it was a school day, she has done this to me before. And I am always shocked. I asked her don't you look forward to Friday( I know I do), it's like the best day of the week. Then Ursula informed me that Monday was her favourite, I asked why? Because I have Tutoring with KIP and district softball training. I said to myself enjoy that while it lasts. Monday! eeww!

So with that in mind I'm starting a new weekly feature Love of Friday♥ and I will post what I am in love with every Friday

Today I'm in love with.....

This Cath Kidston Bag, torn between the Navy and this one though. And something to save up for, considering my favourite bag of the moment is my Aqua Charlie Brown sling bag I picked up for 8 bux at the Salvo's last month.

This bag is available from Lark

Saturday, June 5, 2010

BIMD June 2010

Just thought I would share some photo's of yesterdays BIMD. Was such a beautiful day.

Miss Kitty Boo Boo

But think I spent more than I made,oopps, but I cant help it, we are such a talented bunch off gals at BrisStyle
Jettas Nest

Friday, June 4, 2010


That's Owl speak for goodnight. My new Owl friend and I are off to bed, early start in the morning, off to the BIMD.

I have been yearning for so long to start an Owl collection, but the first one I ever made put me off for a while. But I am happy with this lil lass for now. I wanted to have more to take with me tomorrow, but will be flying solo, so she'll just have to hang with the Bushka gang.
And this lil' darling is my Niece Allie, she was very happy to get her singlet her mummy ordered for her today, and to visit her Auntie Shannie.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

These lil' Bushka's went to Market

Hello my lovelies, sorry for my absence. Been flat out,and no camera charger, so I'm using my IPhone to upload my latest creations for the up and coming BIMD this Saturday.
These lil' ladies are smaller than my Mumma & Bubba Bushkas's but bigger then the Bubba. So more like a teenager Bushka:)
And they have a jingle bell inside, for a little tinker.

Now back to my sewing, as usual left everything to the last minute.

See you there


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