Friday, June 27, 2008

oops I OP'd again!

But only a lil' one.

Called into an old haunt, the Bulimba Church Jumbo Sale, held in a church on Oxford st. Leaving a job and heading up Oxford st I glanced at the clock and thought, I wonder if it is still open. Being that it was already 12:30 and from memory they pack up at midday. To my surprise they were still open and a vacant park right out the front on my side of the road.

It was meant to be.

Although I did have a couple more stop offs before racing home to apply make up, straighten hair etc. for the girls hip hop performance.

I thought a quick peep won't hurt.

And I'm glad I did. Scored a nice lil trio of glass jars,which I seem to be into lately. They remind me of old lolly jars.

And a mass of doilies, all for the bargain price of $13. 15 to be precise.

I will be using these for singlets, but first must get list of orders done first!! Stay focused Shannon

Thursday, June 26, 2008

getting the OP outa opportunity

Today I had the rare opportunity to go OP shoppin.

The chance all came about because I had to go into Milton to get my mobile phone fixed. Any other person wouldn't be that thrilled to travel the distance on their day off. But being so close to antique central, Paddington. I was keen as mustard.

On arrival I snagged the best park. And soon after I was suddenly overwhelmed with the mass of delightful goodies on offer.

Obviously it has been way to long between visits.

EBay is great, but ya can't beat the hands on experience

After taking this photo of this gorgeous tablecloth,i thought it would make a beautiful bed cover. BUT, don't think it would last the distance on Finlay's bed:(

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pink theme continued.....

With only a couple of weeks til Lyssymay's Think Pink Party. My brain has been busy(somethin different) conjuring up ideas for prize donations to the cause.

Here is my first creation

A sweet lil' necklace made from vintage(pink) buttons.

As modelled by Finlay Bella

Thinking Pink!!

After Alyssa from Lyssymay anounced that she will be hosting the "Think Pink Party" in aid of the Kym Walters Choice Program.

Supporting Breast Cancer.

I have been in a pink mood.

After arranging my hat stand a couple of weeks ago with a couple of my favourite vintage pieces, all being pink. I thought I won't have far to go to find an outfit for the special day.

Alyssa will be putting on pink refreshments and there will be lots of prizes and giveaways, including best pink dressed.....

She will be donating 15% of sales on the day to the program.

So get ya best pink outfit ready,it shall be a lovely day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Baking

Today I started on an Order for Stacey's daughter. Lily Grace is in love with cupcakes. After seeing my range at a local school market night, Stacey thought she would love a "my lil' cupcake" singlet. To follow in this order is two boys yeh ha! singlets.

For the Love of Fridays

If you're like me you can appreciate my love for Friday afternoons.

The school week has come to a close and the work bag is pushed aside for a couple of days.

It's time to get some much needed jobs done that you have been waiting and wanting to do for ever.

-clean the work area(refresh)

-get organised for a weekend of sewing

-contemplate my next projects

-endless possibilities........

ahhh Order!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The potato people

After Finlay's teacher read , The Potato People by Pamela Allen. She was inspired to create a potato lady for her self.

One Day at Lyssymays

Yesterday I had the privilege of looking after Alyssa's 'baby' Lyssymay's. She was busy attending the Springboard mentorship. While I had time to catch up on some sewing.

Took my camera but once again my batteries went flat. But managed to get a pic of my latest vintage scarf dress.

Can't wait to 'work' at Lyssy's again(sew,sew,sew)

So stayed tuned for new additions.............................

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My first food entry

Been going through some blogs of late and found that alot of them have one thing in common, they like to publish pictures of what they are eating. And was thinking I don't think I'll ever go that far. But in saying that I just had to publish this one. This is what happens when you finally get time out, the kids are in bed, you have a shower to wash the crazy day off you had,washing is on, folding done(well half done), the dishes are done and you are still thinking of the morning ahead of you. And how horribly things ran this morning, and how it's not gunna happen tomorrow(I'm gunna be more organised) So I'll put the eggs on for the kids sanga's, while I pop off to blog land,swing by meet me at mikes and my poppet ,see whats new for Lyssymay, check on my facebook,check my inbox, and TADA!! lunch is ready girls.... Good to see the smoke alarms work. So thats my one and only food entry(I promise)

BOILED DRY!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Doing it for the Boys

Before you get all confused, it's still me. Although my label is My Girl, I have come to realize that the world doesn't revolve around girls. The boys wanted to get into the My Girl action. So for nearly a year now I have been producing some ranges for boys. Inspired a lot from my two RAD nephews, Kai & Chaz. If it has skulls, it's a winner. And not to mention Mr Rhody who loves his cowboy singlets. His mummy was the driver in gettin the boy gear moving. Thanks Candy for your ongoing inspiration


Monday, June 2, 2008

Ballerina Bunting

Today I have a new bunting range to add to the b is for bunting collection,

my lil' ballerina bunting.

A bit bout me

Just a quick post to Introduce myself to those of you that don't already know me.... My name is Shannon, I am married with 3 beautiful girls. Ocearna,Ursula and Finlay. My girl inspiration is drawn alot from my girls (hence the name) I have a love of all thing pretty and girly. My girl came about from a love of original and unique beauty. I love anything thats out of the norm. My favourite past time is to op shop, which is where I get most of my bits & bobs for my singlets.s.

next generation

I am proud to announce that I have created the next generation of artists. Gotta love rainy days,it's brings out the creative side in all of us. As I was sitting down to get started on my next piece of craft I looked to my right and saw Finlay(6) and Ocearna (10) putting pen to paper and creating some beautiful artwork... Ones to watch. The picture that Finlay drew is of mummy sitting in her sewing room making bunting. You can see the bunting on the sewing machine(top right)


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