Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Holly

This lil darling is off to House & Doll tomorrow,along with a A line skirt in the same fab fabric.
It's a very functional smock dress that can be worn from ages 2-6. as a dress or smock top with jeans or tights. Winter/ Summer.... told you it was functional
Some of you girls may have had this fabric as sheets growing up? It was amazing to hear just how many did at the YDM.
In the rush of late, I am forgetting to take pics,so need to make a mental note to get more pics.

Can you smell the flowers,no, oh shame because they smell devine

Not sure if it's the Jonquil's or the Freesia's or a mix of both

I bought this bouquet of flowers for my Nana who has just had major heart surgery, not knowing she was still in ICU. No flowers allowed.

She did get to keep the little balloon that Suley bought to put in the flowers(Suley paid for it with her own money,very sweet)

Think I might have to treat myself to flowers like this every week,wouldn't that be nice

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