Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Up-Cycling Noah's ark

Today I have finally finished my easy,breezy summer dress/smock top prototype, that I did start on the weekend, but was rudely interrupted by other "stuff"

This is first of many to come from this range. Made from vintage tablecloths, tea towels and curtains,like this one I have up-cycled from an awesome "vintage" curtain. I say vintage as I think 80's can just about class as vintage.

They are easy to adjust with a simple ribbon on the side to tie.

It can be worn as a dress from the age of 1-3 or as a smock top from 3 +

Stay tuned......

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Day at the EKKA

On Thursday we took the opportunity of Ocearna playing in the school band at the Ekka and made a day of it at the famous annual Brisbane show.
The day started early with some excited lil' girly's awake by 6am.

It followed by a brisk, cold walk to the train station.

We spotted a lou lou on the train
Then Finlay soon had daddy playin tick tack toe.Bout an hour later we arrived, we raced straight to where Ocearna was to preform,
God love the school band but those kids were there for one thing, Rides and showbags. Ok two things

But first things first the free stuff. Well we did have to get the most out of the free stuff, we were in for a long day if we were going to stay for the fireworks.

First stop was the baby animals and the milking sheds.

After all the animals and a bite to eat, next 'THING TO DO' chair lift to sideshow alley(rides)

First ride was the dodgem cars,never liked this ride as a kid much and still don't . Who in their right mind puts their hand up for a bit of whip lash!

Then Finlay was up for some games.

The girls love rock climbing and it was free even better. And they got a free show bag after it.Ocearna and Ursula made the top, but lil' Fini didn't, but she did give it a good go!

It was now approaching dark and we still had to do the show bag pavilion,lots of goodies here...

One last trip to sideshow alley to use up the rest of their funds on afew more rides and time to catch the train home...brrrrhhh!!

A great day was had by all


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Day at Lyssymays

Today I had the privilege, once again to hold the reins for Alyssa,from Lyssy May. She has taken advantage of the Ekka long weekend to catch up with her parents up North. She did warn me it was going to be quiet, she has an amazing 6th sense for this. Much like a fisherman can tell the tides or knows when a storm is approaching. Must come from years of experience in retail, I am yet to give this phenomenon a name.

Anyway, the best thing about quiet time is having the chance to create.

No beds to make, dishes to be washed,washing to be hung out,folding to put away,floors to be vacuumed. Nope not one distraction.... Just me and the machine.

Oh and the girls...... Meet some of my latest creations

On the left is Buttons for Pearl ( I have made this for my precious lil' niece Koa Pearl, who has a thing for buttons right now!)
In the middle is Violet (she is made from a vintage dress)
And to the right is Arabella (she too is made from a vintage dress)
I will be soon posting my range of "bushka babi's" on my markets online store and But for now do contact me if you have any inquires


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