Friday, October 31, 2008

Bushka Bushka Bushka

Well Hi,my friends, don't get to excited, still haven't got a camera,so these photo's are courtesy of my beautiful friend Lyssy.

Well where do I start. Way back when Lyssy left the building to seek fortune & happiness in Melbourne, she asked if I would like to feature my Bushka gals on her upcoming range of gift ware on

Of course I said yes

After she left in a hurry and a flurry on a Melbourne bound removal truck (we won't mention to much of that diaster day) She was back in Brissy for her official goodbye drinks with the girls.

Was all in good timing,cause it meant the Bushka gals took VIP with her back to Melbourne.

As long as they weren't in her suitcase,cause ya never know where that may end up;) (Alyssa's Brissy bound suitcase ended up in Ipswich that weekend)

But got the call that they all arrived home safely and Lyssy is gearing up to start placing giftware on her website so be sure to stop by if you are looking for a unique gift, just in time for xmas

Hopefully be back soon

xo Shannon

*All Bushka Babi's are handmade from vintage material mostly beautiful tablecloths*


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