Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Modern Day Sleigh

My car is stacked to the roof and ready to deliver all these presents to the farm. But need to get those kids off the premises first

And no they are not all for my girls

This year we are so lucky to be spending the day with all the cousins,yay!!!

And yes that is a car in my car


I Heart Cockies

Not the horrible disgusting ones that seem to be everywhere at this time of the year.

But these cute birdies

This little guy came to visit me this morning

He took a liking to our Macadamia tree,that hangs over the veranda, making a racket on our corrugated roof

I love the way they look at you when you talk to them in a high,"hello Cocky" as if to say my names not Cocky!

We had one as a pet when we were kids, his name was Joey,and he talked back to us

Have to work on this one if he comes back

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bushka Friends in Red

Tonight I have made two friends in red to add to the straddie market group of green and blue bushka's

I hope they will be nice and welcome them to the basket, that is starting to get a lil' crowded

Sunday, December 21, 2008

To Market To Market....

Thanks to my beautiful mother in-law taking my girls off me for a couple of days,I have been busy, finally getting some market sewing done.Still have so much I want to do, but that's always the case, so many ideas so little time. But I am starting to feel a little bit at ease with what I have. Will have another night of sewing tonight. And hoping to sneak a movie in,with no interruptions,ahhh BLISS!
And then the housework
and packing.

Like the way I have my priorities in order:)

Next Sunday is my first market at Stradbroke Island for the holidays. Then another the following week

Getting excited as it's been a while,can't wait !!!!

And still going...........

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Girls are Getting Excited

When I say the girls, I don't mean my girls, I mean these girls,

why are they excited you say.....

Because these girls are about to embark on an adventure of the high seas.
Well Moreton Bay. To The Straddie Markets.
I have been busy (trying) to sew and prepare for my up coming markets on the Island over Xmas and The New Year. We are very Excited at My Girl because it's been a while since we've stepped out the comfort zone of Lyssymays.
The new cards with the new my girl logo have arrived and we are on the move. So watch this space.......
p.s You might have gathered by now I have a new camera:) sooooo good to be back sharing my sewing news wit ya all
x o

Roses for Nana Joyce

Roses were one of Nana Joyce's favourite flowers. She has glorious ones in her garden. Sometimes up six flowering at once on the same stem. So I was very surprised when my very beautiful, thoughtful friend Wendy delivered them to me this morning over a cuppa tea. Even though it must have been 50 degrees it was so nice to sit and chat over a cuppa on the veranda.

It's been a sad year watching my full of life Nana slowly and painfully be deflated from this horrible disease we call cancer. But she never gave up, god bless her, whenever she was served a knock she'd bounce back and be ready to get home,quickly, she hated being in hospital. Although we all knew each time it wouldn't be long til she'd be back there.

She passed away at 5:15 pm on Tuesday 9 th of December 2008

I have spent the week thinking back on memories of my Nana, and there is one memory I have of her giving my cousin and I a little sewing machine at Christmas(we would get matching gifts every year) and like to think maybe it's that gift she gave me that inspires me to sew, or the fact that she sat up most night helping her then husband met deadlines,tailoring suits for Brisbane's Police Detectives in the 60's . If not I still like to think she had some influence on my sewing big or small. She is going to be missed. RIP.


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