Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Girl on Display

Went to the movies at Bulimba with the girls yesterday, and I spied.....
MyGirl just hanging about in House & Doll

Here's one of the girls hanging in the House of Indie

Big mistake taking three girls into there though:) Good for Simone though so don't mind so much:)

Pirate Chaz

The benefits of having an Aunty that sews, is you can turn a nasty eye injury......

into little boys must have accessory, A Pirate Patch.
My poor lil' nephew Chaz, had a run in with Poppy Dave's boat, while playing Pirate's with his big brother Kai yesterday.
Lucky I had my pirate fabric on hand while we were visiting the farm. I was planning to get some hairband making done while I was there.
Chaz's poor mummy Kel, has a bit of a waiting game over the next couple of days,while that terrible swelling subsides to see if his eye is OK. The doctors at the hospital assured us that it was, but you never stop worrying when you have little darlings in your life... And did I mention how brave he was, not a whinge;) love you Chazy

Friday, June 26, 2009

Apology in Advance...

to the artist that painted this pic,as I have idea's for this frame

I have been keeping an eye out for a more ornate frame but this one will do for now

Stay tuned..........

Little Holly

This lil darling is off to House & Doll tomorrow,along with a A line skirt in the same fab fabric.
It's a very functional smock dress that can be worn from ages 2-6. as a dress or smock top with jeans or tights. Winter/ Summer.... told you it was functional
Some of you girls may have had this fabric as sheets growing up? It was amazing to hear just how many did at the YDM.
In the rush of late, I am forgetting to take pics,so need to make a mental note to get more pics.

Can you smell the flowers,no, oh shame because they smell devine

Not sure if it's the Jonquil's or the Freesia's or a mix of both

I bought this bouquet of flowers for my Nana who has just had major heart surgery, not knowing she was still in ICU. No flowers allowed.

She did get to keep the little balloon that Suley bought to put in the flowers(Suley paid for it with her own money,very sweet)

Think I might have to treat myself to flowers like this every week,wouldn't that be nice

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Tune in to Channel 7's The Great South East this Sunday 28 June at 5.30pm to catch some of our fabulous BrisStylettes in action!!!
The Great South East filmed a special segment about BrisStyle and the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market a few weeks ago and it will be airing on Sunday!
Gorgeous BrisStylettes with Sophie Formica filming for The Great South East
The BrisStyle Indie Designers Market was also featured in this week's issue of BMag including an image of one of Sophie's from Strat Designs necklaces. Sophie will have a gorgeous selection of her jewellery at the market.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Place to Call Home

Today was a very exciting one
My Girl is officially on the shelves of House & Doll
Located in Bulimba's cafe hub on Oxford street,It's girl heaven over there.
You could spend hours in this lil' shop. Something grabbing you eye every second your in there. And this is where you'll find me spending my xmas dollars, as I have made a pledge to support locally own businesses and Indie artist this coming festive season.
Gorgeous Simone has to be congratulated on her efforts,supporting local Indie artists.
Some of these clever girls include Lyssy May's,Thea & Sami,Little Jane St, Mondo Cherry,Denim Days and not forgetting Charlie Pops
So do yourself a favour and pop in, she's easy to find, just look for the lil' pink shop.
You will not be disappointed! And for all you peeps that don't live in Brissy, you can visit House & Doll online, with soon to be launched Indie Shopping

Indie Central

Gorgeous Doll Houses
The Girls on their way to there new home

My Favourite, House & Doll has a huge range of authentic Russian Dolls

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Days like these...

I just don't want to end. My Girls My Flamingo design My Babushka Tea towel

I had such an awesome day, at Thea's today attending her screen printing workshop

And wow what a creative bunch she had today, if I do say so myself...

Gay,Kim,Dannie,Wendy, myself and Thea
First we had to design and cut our stencil, then the fun part seeing if they printed as good as they looked on paper. And I think they all came out better on the fabric. What fun we all had.

Unfortunately this was the last workshop Thea will be holding for now as she is taking a well earned rest, and concentrating on her own designs. But do sign up to her newsletter if you would like to be informed on all things Thea & Sami

I can easily see this becoming my new obsession, not such a bad thing if this is the result. I could think of worse things to be addicted to...

My New Screen
(going to have some fun with the girls on school hols)

Gay's design Wendy's design

Dannie's lab girl

Kim's pretty leaf design

Dannie's birdie cage

Wendy's cute purse
Gay's gorgeous birdie

Friday, June 19, 2009

Winners are Grinners

Well that's what they say,right, so true after looking at this photo of the girls today

Today was school carnival day, and as sports captains of Warreen, Ocearna and her mate Jess lead their team to victory today, being the first win for the team in 9years.

I am so proud of my girls, not only for Ocey and the team, all my girls did really well in their events.


1st high jump

1st 100m sprints

1st 200m sprints

1st shot put

2nd long jump

4th 800m run


3rd 100m sprint

4th 200m sprint


1st high jump

2nd long jump

3rd 100m sprint

So off to district comps now for Ocey,she also qualified for the Senior School Girls Redland Distict Softball team on Wednesday. Go Ocey!!

Ursula,Jess,Lara(PE Teacher)Ocearna,Mr Fanning(Principal),Finaly

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My New Addition

Check out my new banner,I am hoping to have it up at the next market, which will be at the BrisStyle Indie Market on the 4th July. I am getting a real feel for how I want my stall to look since doing a few markets close together,and things can only get better,right!
It's all in the practice

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've seen the Light

No not really, just these gorgeous babies. Picked them up today from the local second hand shop that is closing down,EVERYTHING 50% OFF. $15 for the pair. Not so happy ending there for the lady that has run the business for 10years. A bit sad for her
And to think I was going to leave with out them, it was a split decision to turn the car off and run in and get them, as it was 3 on the dot. Lucky school is only a minute up the road, sorry girls.
Ursula and Finlay won in the end,the lamps new home is in they're room,at the end of they re beds. Now I expect lots of bedtime reading girls,hah!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful weather, Beautiful Market

My Girl was out and about at Portside Wharf Boutique Markets. And what a gorgeous day to be out and about. The girls(Rachael,Leasl & Kerry) have done an amazing job organising the BM.

I was surrounded by amazing talent once again... it's hard work being amongst such temptation. And yes this time I did give into it. Being a boutique market it gives me perfect opportunity to pop over and take a peep in some other stalls, probably not a good thing, when you are trying to make money. But they were things I needed...

The Other half to my dear friend Dannie's 30th B'day pressie, pretty spoon handle ring by Vintage Vision

Oh and just had to have this Vintage Fabric dress by RaRa Superstar.

Other Superstars that were in my vicinity today were...

Ruby Rosebud Design

Salsa Design

Hot Toffee

Got a bit off a wish list for these gorgeous little purses

Next Market for My Girl will be at BrisStyle Indie Market, Racecourse rd, Hamilton on the 4th July, shall be a ripper!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Boutique Markets @Portside

Tomorrow is the launch of the very first Boutique Markets, (formerly The Designer Emporium) at Portside Hamilton. Get all the details from HERE
I have been madly trying to get sewing done in preparation for tomorrow, as last week at the YDM we were quite popular. And being in hospital the following day, Queens Bday holiday, that day was not a productive one. But that's always the way when you live with kiddies, you never know what's round the corner.

So for tomorrow after a great response to My Precious Punk singlets, I have been doing a little for the boys this week.

Cutting out lots of triangles for new bunting combo's

And the usual favourites Nana's Tea Party singlets

Hope you can make it,there will be a smorgasbord of creative talent on offer

Great opportunity to get a start on some unique Christmas prezzies


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