Sunday, June 7, 2009

B-line for the A-line......

well I was hoping that was going to be the case at the YDM ,but as always,as soon as you think something is going to go off, it goes totally in other direction.

But I was'nt too worried that my new A-line vintage skirts didn't sell today, because what they lacked my other items made up for.

The day started like any other "normal" winters day, you know the ones, crisp blue skies,fresh clean air,birds singing,(something we haven't witness around here for a while,but you remember)then right on queue as the markets were about to start the crazy rain blew in, it looked like it was going to stay for the day, then all of a sudden the blue Sky's were back.YAY!

Then the crowd started to roll in and they were lovely bunch, especially my first little customer, who set my happy mood for the day and was none other than a boy. He spent his whole allowance on a Precious Punk singlet, even after mummy made him aware that he will be spending his whole allowance and will get no change, he still proceeded with the transaction. Wonder if he hit mum up for some more "allowance"later on.

Was lovely to see some familiar faces about today and some new ones that I am sure will be seeing again soon. Most likely at the Boutique Market that is on next Sunday at Port side, Hamilton.



So no rest for me this week will have to get straight back into production,as I would like to be a little less tired come Sunday. But that's what you get when you stay up sewing til 2am and have to get up at 6.


Lyssy May said...

Your stand looked great! So glad you had a fun day. x

Little Diva said...

I always find the same thing - the things I really love and think will be great, don't sell as much as other things I'm not as keen on!! Maybe I should just make things I don't like... hmmmm

Candice Herne said...

Wow Shan you've been busy. Looks great! The bonnet looked so good! Go Go Go

clare's craftroom said...

No wonder you did well your stall looks great !


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