Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Final Three

Well here they all, The Shann Series of paintings ready to be assed at South Bank Art Tech.

You can see she has used a range of different techniques through the series. I love the one of me sitting at the sewing table surrounded by all my lovelies,love the teacups and bushka's.

My friends may recognise a few other things from around my place. Can you pick them girls??

Good Luck Wendy, and thanx,it's been fun!

Would you like to see Wendy at The Arty Farty Market?????

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seeking Market Stall Interest

Maddion holding the fort for me at the Ormiston College Market Night

After searching the South East for a suitable, affordable craft/ handmade market and not having much luck.

I have decided it was time to tackle it head on and come up with an arty farty Market.
Possibly in Bulimba or West End.

At this stage it's a storm in a tea cup.

I am gathering arty/crafty/handy/original folk to register their interest.

Shoot me an email to register your interest,just leave your contact details and alittle bit about yourself,EASY!

Or you might know of someone else clever that would be interested

My email is

Yours creatively in craft


Interior Design

After Finlay decided she liked the idea of getting sets of Le Toy Van furniture for her Birthday.

We set out to do a little decorating on her little BIG doll house.

My dad made this doll house for the girls a couple years back now. From an old set of drawers. It was originally painted with bright colours.

I had a similar one when I was little that he made for me.

The girls were a lot more gracious in receiving they're house then I was when I was little. If you have seen the movie Babe, then you'll get what I mean. But now I am older and wiser, I am all for handmade.

We still have a bit of decorating left to do,like adding flower boxes ,carpet and curtains. But with the "real Reno" still in progress in the bathroom,I have to give into to the fact that I'm not Superwomen,as much as I do try:)
Love the vintage wallpaper....I want to move in

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Could get used to this...

Oh how lovely would it be to be a lady of leisure and stay home and bake and not have to work.

After a hectic weekend I was suffering from a bad case of Mondayitis.

Feeling much better today I have made sweet lil' cupcakes for the girls afternoon tea.

To my horror I have run oh H&T's. So hope the girls don't eat the flowers!

And Bacon & Egg pie for dinner

Hopefully now dinner is done, I can get in a lil' sewing this afternoon

Or maybe I should undercoat the bathroom


My Girl Has Been Tagged

No, not the game tagged

Should I say, labelled

I am so excited to finally have my girl on my very on label, it been a long time coming

Thanks to Lyssy for the recommendation

I think they fit in well with my cards.

You think too??

My New Besties

On Friday morning I decided to visit the local aged home care garage sale that are held on Fridays.

Last visit I saw this place had alot of potential to be my new favourite shopping haunt.

And I was right.

Lots of doilies,vintage scarfs,vintage tablecloths,beautiful shabby flannelet sheets (money can't buy this quality anymore,so thick any fluffy) for the girls beds,vintage craft mags and this fantastic set of 70's encyclopedia of crafts


I won't be able to visit this week ,as I will be at the Stitches and Craft show.

But looking forward to going the following week,maybe some tea cups.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Officially excited

This week I will have the honor of working with the very talented Thea of Thea & Sami. Not only once but twice.

First I will be helping out Thea at her incubator stall at the Stitches & Craft Show at Brisbane.

The Incubator Stall are where the talented Indie craft folk will be selling all the goods .

The Stitches and Craft Show is now been run by the team at Living Creatively. Which is aimed at a more younger happening sort of crafty gal.

You can visit the website to download a voucher to receive 15% off any purchase from Thea & Sami.

So can't wait to check that out.... Also I have been meaning to pop over to the Stitches & Craft website to write out a list of the workshops I want to have a play at.

Second day of fun with Thea will be at The LadyBettle Morning Tea ,next Tuesday

A special event to raise money for The Royal Children's Hospital

I will be helping Thea out with modelling some of her collection from Thea & Sami. Other featured designers include:So in Design - Reversible Skirts Electric Boy - kids' t-shirts Various jewellery designers from the Mart store and Jess Dabro

The event runs from 7:30-9:30 am at Artisan, located at 381 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. Tickets are $20 and profits from entry fees and 10% of proceeds from (m)art & Electric Boy sales at the event will be donated to the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation. RSVP essential by Thursday 30 April 2009

Lucky door prizes have been donated by the designers plus other sponsors

Shall be lots of fun and all for a great cause

Time to Unwind

After an early start and long day of softball. It was nice to come home and light some new candles I got today, in between games.

Last night I moved some of my china away into this little display cabinet.

Ever since I hung hooks on a shelf in my kitchen to display my china tea cups, it has been disaster after disaster.

The china has been flying all over the kitchen.

The final straw was when I lost my sweet little cup that my dear friend Lyssy gave me for my birthday last year.

Hopefully storing them in this cabinet will avoid future breakage.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


You might remember a couple of posts ago I showed off Wendy's felt pen portrait of me.

Well check this out...

Wendy's husband bought her an easel for her birthday,it's about time she got one don't you think cause I think she is going to get A LOT of use out of it.

This is the OFFICIAL 1st entry for her assignment. It is on a large canvas

Can't wait for the next one!!!

We spent the morning discussing the wonderful world of blog. Well I did most of the talking:)

I am trying to talk her into getting a blog,so fingers crossed she will have a blog to visit and check out all her beautiful art.


I stumbled upon Lovestamp on MadeIt. While looking for a wedding gift for my sister in-law. I am still in the process of finding the right wording, I should get there one day!
JoGirl makes beautiful custom made hand stamped jewellery.

They are having a mother's day giveaway over there

All you have to do to win is click on the follow button to follow her blog to win. EASY

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking it Upon Themselves

For sometime now the girls have been 'hitting me up' to learn how to sew. But always when I have finally gotten all the chores done and there's a sigh of relief as I sit down at the machine. Then I get the look.... and it is always followed by a NO! not now.

But after Ursula came back from tutoring tonight with her weekly gift from her teachers goody box, she said ' i can teach myself how to sew now' my heart sank.

So as of tonight I am looking into some sewing lessons that they we can go to together.

B'day & Buttons

Yesterday was Wendy's Birthday. She asked me awhile ago now to make her one of my retro tablecloth singlets,but never got round to it for her.... Until today I made myself.

She is also going to get a couple of sets of my new hair bands. One set even matches her singlet.

These were made with the button sets I scored from my visit to the Salvo's yesterday.

Wendy is going to be calling in for a cuppa in the morning and to take some photo's of me at the sewing table for her 2nd instalment of paintings she is doing for her assignment. This is going to be a fun one,it will be involving chooks,teacups,babushka's,cats.... Cant wait to show you all when it is finished
Oh and she is an old Holly fan from way back,too!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not One but Two Blog Giveaways

Pop on over to the Designer Emporium Blog to get your little hands on some great sets of teatowels and aprons, all design by the lovely Rachael. All you have to do to win is leave a comment

Tip Offs

After dropping the girls at dancing this afternoon, which is conveniently located next to The Salvo's, I remembered my friend Wendy tipping me off the other day to a stash of old women's day craft mag pages, patterns,etc,from the 70's. Which she thought would be useful for Alyssa's funky retro/vintage wallpaper wallets. Alyssa uses old pages from original McCall's mags to line the wallets. Not being exactly what I think she would use, I decided to delve a little deeper and to my surprise I found these great DIY buttons and this great craft mag

I was only thinking the other day of the old rag rugs that mum use to have and thought if only I knew how to make them, it would be great to make a dint in my scrap fabric pile

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girl Power

As you have probably guessed by now, having a house full of girls., I am all for
"girl power"
So I was very proud today when my girls wanted to 'CHIP' in on removing the floor tiles in preparation of the bathroom reno.
GO THE GIRLS,gotta love the safety gear
This bathroom reno is inspired by a cream ,gold claw foot bath I picked from from one of my cleaning clients. She was throwing it out;cost $0. Which then came the old fashion vanity that my dad picked up on a visit to a mates. He was also up grading, so dad offered to take it of his hands for nothing;cost donation $50 So we then set off on a trip to Ashmore(Gold Coast) to a warehouse that promised cheap tiles. Yes to good to be true. So on limited time(dad had to start night shift at 2pm) we raced to Underwood determined to get tiles to start the next morning;cost $170
stay tuned for the process...
P.S yes that is a man in the background,but he only just arrived

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Heart Holly

I am very inspired today to get some sewing done,after getting last months sales from Raggedy Anne.
Or maybe it's all that rain we are getting in SEQ at the moment.Not to mention all that tea sippin'

So after my friend Miss Annie put in an order for a Holly Hobbie singlet for Miss Bella, I went with the theme.

I have loved Holly Hobbie since a lil' girl.
I even had to buy this quilt cover for Finlay after seeing it on Ebay.
I had the exact same one when I was a lil' girl.
Mum and Dad decorated my room in pink and blue wallpaper and restored an old silky oak bed. Which is where my Holly Hobbie doona lived.

I still have the bed, my Eldest daughter now owns it. After my dad did some much needed alterations on it, like removing the sagging spring thingy and converting it to wooden slats. Much better for growing bodies


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