Monday, August 15, 2011

Just call me Strawberry Short Cake

freshly picked strawberries from the Wellington Point Farm

Today was a public Holiday in the Redlands for the Ekka(Brisbane Show)
It was also our friend Lesley's Birthday. And what better way to celebrate
an almost spring birthday than with Strawberries. My little Finlay helped too!

Gotta love freshly picked Strawberries.
I live in the Redlands which is steeped in Strawberry history.
We are lucky to still have The Farm, which is located at Wellington Point.
In 1906, special fruit trains would run to the area to sample the strawberries and to visit the gardens image from here
When I was younger I remember going to the Strawberry Festival.
From memory it started with the crowning of the Strawberry Queen and then the closing of the main street to allow the the float parade. I used to love lining the street to wave to the floats.
The last Strawberry festival was held in 2002, and in 2003 the inaugural Redland Spring
Festival was held, incorporating the former Redland Strawberry Festival and Green
and Grow Expo (now Greening Redlands).
They still hold the famous strawberry eating competition.
We had the pleasure of PYO (pick your own) a few weeks back when we where travelling to our big girls footy game at Beerwah. Look daddy a big one!
I love nothing more than hitting the open road and stopping along the way.
The girls loved it, we ate so many strawberries and paid $10 a bucket!
Highly recommended!

Monday, August 8, 2011

I've died and gone to vintage heaven

Last Sunday was the best fun I've had in ages.
My Ma and I set out for The 12th Annual Kustom Kulture Greazefest.
No kids and no husbands(or as I like to call them the handbrake)
And what an absolute eyeful we got, I did not know where to look. There was beauty everywhere you looked.
From the vintage cars and caravans to the markets and fashion parades.

It would have to have been the biggest and best markets I've ever been too.

I was so lucky to have had my ma spoil me for my Birthday with some great buys but could have spent soooo much more. I'm sporting a lovely new pair of cats eyes form Tres Noir,
my ol' Ray Bans are great but just fell in love with these ones straight away.
my newbies
my old bans
I bought the most gorgeous vintage garden party dress I wanted to share a pic, but left it at a friends (will post later). And from the same stall, I still can't believe I paid only $20 !!! for these original vintage swimmers, the are charging anywhere from $170 up for a pair I want, and thats cheap!
Saw lots of Ek Holdens which made me want to go back to the day when I had my EK's.

this is NOA 2 just before I parted with her,about 2 years ago, she was a bit worse for wear by then and needed someone to give her some love'n
Mum said she'd buy me one for my Birthday:)
But I'd be happy with a caravan

This EK Station wagon is so similar to my first NOA

How devine is this Kitchenette.
This old woody was for sale, I didn't dare ask how much they wanted for her.

I was sad to hear on the morning that The Best Little Van in Vegas wasn't going to make an appearance due to car problems, the joys of owning a classic car.

It only took us all day to find Mimsy, I knew she was going to be there had to go and check out her lil' van, it is so adorable and she tattoos in it:)

I also dropped in and said hey to the lovely Amanda from Hungry Designs a fellow Brisstylette

As you can see we had a fun filled day can't wait to go next year

Thursday, August 4, 2011

200th post Giveaway.....yay

Butter wouldn't melt

Good morning
The time has come for my giveaway that I had mentioned a bit back. Today marks my 200th post.
I have been stumbling across some beautiful blogs lately, its so inspiring to see so many like minded peeps out there.
So all you have to do to enter the giveaway is drop me a line and say hi, leave your link to your beautiful blog... since I have been back blogging, I'm feeling a bit lonely and would love some new friends to introduce themselves
I will be giving away one of my sweet Holly Dolly Pillows.
I will also have a second and third prize.
I look forward to meeting you or if we are old friends would love to here from you ♥3 different girls to choose frombacked with cuddly chenille

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

from this to that....

Remember the other day when I was mentioning how much I love spring.
Well today I am making the perfect lil' dress for those beautiful spring picnics.
In it's past life it was a tablecloth.... now something totally functional. Not saying you wouldn't use it for a tablecloth, well you know what I mean:) The yellow gingham facing matches just lovely with this picnic'y tablecloth dress.
Enjoying my days I also got back to my vintage jumper pattern I started last week. Holly is coming along lovely, just have to give it some buttons and a hem. Same as my Picnic dress above.
Lots of new thing coming, so stayed tuned, excited much

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

20% off all My Girl Stock on Facebook

Head on over to My Girls facebook page we are having an early spring sale:)

I Spy Spring

Nothing gets me more excited then the first sign of Spring... It's my most favourite season of the year. Sunshine, picnics,spring cleaning,pretty smells...
I planted this Jasmine about 2 years ago now and its coming along just lovely(think we can thank the chook poo for that)my dad pointed out that it was going to be a good bloom this Spring and I think he's right, it is full of buds and I spotted it flowering yesterday, already!
I went down to take a pic and I can already smell it,mmmm

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

feeling inspired

I have had the last 2 days off from work and I am feeling refreshed an inspired.
Yesterday I cleaned the house, so I could focus on a bit of creativity today.
So after I dropped the girls to school, I boiled the kettle and got into it.
Well not before a bit of breaky and mag inspiration in the beautiful morning sunshine...

I bought these vintage patterns a while back with other ideas in mind. But after cutting them out I thought I would have a crack at a few.
I'm just a bout finished the first one. A Holly Hobbie dress. Back to work tomorrow then booked up with mummy duties Friday and Saturday and back to work Sunday Monday, so might be a week till i get back to it. Hope I don't lose my mojo
ps, giveaway is getting closer now:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Need of a Russian Doll Intervention

image from here

Well I could think of worse things to be addicted to I suppose.
I have just completed my first Etsy Treasury. You guessed it Russian Dolls.
Don't know why I haven't done it sooner.
Maybe I thought it would be difficult, turns out I was wrong.
ETSY seems to be getting easy to navigate lately.
I love ETSY, if you have never visited, do your self a favour and pop in. 24hr shopping and the most amazing unique things you won't find in the shops.
Just when you thought you'd seen it all.... yes it is, they come in all shapes,sizes and fabrics. Who would of thunk it image from here
PS I'll try to post about something different next time,hope I'm not losing you on The Dolls:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My Girls 200th post is coming up stay tuned for super My Girl Giveaway, coming soon!!

Getting my Shopping Fix

Images from here

I have taken to doing a bit of shopping on line lately. I have been working more hours at the toy shop and just don't have the spare time to stroll the shops.
I was fortunate last Friday to do some real life shopping with miss Annie.
She was excited to show me her new fav shop that has just opened up a few doors down from their Advertising Company/ Coffee Cafe. IMAGE from here
I had a lovely chat with Jess of Belle Bazaar. She has a beautiful shop in Lumley St Mt Gravatt.
Full of handmade goodness and cutezies.
I just had to buy something and was drawn too, these cute Russian Doll Stationary Sets, (surprise) by Kawaii for you.
The visit has totally inspired me to get back into doing the markets again. Belle Bazaar are running a Twilight Market. Find more here
The first Market evening will be held on the 30th April from 3-8pm @ The Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Community Hall and surrounds
Live Music
Great Food
Fantastic Shopping
and will be raising funds for Breast Cancer Research. image from here
my next purchase,when my paypal account recovers


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