Monday, June 22, 2009

A Place to Call Home

Today was a very exciting one
My Girl is officially on the shelves of House & Doll
Located in Bulimba's cafe hub on Oxford street,It's girl heaven over there.
You could spend hours in this lil' shop. Something grabbing you eye every second your in there. And this is where you'll find me spending my xmas dollars, as I have made a pledge to support locally own businesses and Indie artist this coming festive season.
Gorgeous Simone has to be congratulated on her efforts,supporting local Indie artists.
Some of these clever girls include Lyssy May's,Thea & Sami,Little Jane St, Mondo Cherry,Denim Days and not forgetting Charlie Pops
So do yourself a favour and pop in, she's easy to find, just look for the lil' pink shop.
You will not be disappointed! And for all you peeps that don't live in Brissy, you can visit House & Doll online, with soon to be launched Indie Shopping

Indie Central

Gorgeous Doll Houses
The Girls on their way to there new home

My Favourite, House & Doll has a huge range of authentic Russian Dolls

1 comment:

House and Doll said...

Thanks for the kind words Shannon. Almost sold the Holly Hobbie skirt when you left but it was a tad too small, but a great start.


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