Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Souvenir Edition

When I saw that Simone, from Beach Vintage was to have a feature in this months Women's Weekly, or should I say Charli:) I was so excited and had to have it. Bugger that it was Kate and Harry that was the souvenir part. She was the reason I was buying it
What an amazing and inspirational women she is. I don't know how she does it.
Congratulations Simone, well deserved

images from Beach Vintage
p.s if you look close you will see a mygirl Bushka on Charli's bed
unfortunately this pic didn't make the mag

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vintage Lovers Look Away... this may hurt

After my last post I jumped in the Ute to go and pick up vintage dresser from the Salvo's.

Shifter in hand to remove the mirror, thinking I would be doing it on my own, and not getting much assistance from the old lady behind the counter.

Half way through doing this, enter my man "helper"(think he works there) asking "are you taking this on the Ute" "Sure am" I said.

Insisting it will be fine on the Ute, don't even take the mirror off, she'll be right.

The whole time my gut was feeling something different.

We put it on the Ute,he, pushing away the tie downs that were in his way, my gut telling me, should use them.

"nah" he says, she'll be right.

So me, being one not to offend, took his, what seemed at the time, knowledgeable advice. Surely he's done this plenty of times, Right?

I didn't get 30 seconds down the road and,BANG! SMASH! there goes that idea.

I was gutted
The mirror was the main thing I feel in love with. You know the ones, thick,heavy,scalloped edges.

Soooo, I'm thinking I my turn it into a mosaic, piece. My dad has already offered to replace it for me. Think he felt my pain. But just won't be the same :(
On a positive note, I picked up two beautiful frames that day

Friday, November 12, 2010

Today's Wedding Inspiration-dressers

Usually we are bringing the outdoors in. My vision is to do the opposite and take the indoors out.
Vintage dresser, picture frames,vases, lounges and other little nick knacks.
So today I'm off to pick up a vintage dresser I found at my local salvo's... stay tunedImage from here

Today's Wedding Inspiration- Bridesmaids dresses

Images from etsy

I am in total awe of this women's work.
These tea dresses are too die for.
I found her on Etsy, of course!
The fabrics she uses are amazing
Do yourself a favour and pop over here to see her work, the photography is beautiful.
Even if i don't pick them as Bridesmaid dresses, think i will need one for myself.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Todays Wedding Inspiration- Candy Buffet

So having one! But to buy or hire ? Found a place online that hire the jars and all we have to do is fill em' up.
Oh but what colour theme???

Pics from here,here,here and here

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Todays Wedding Inspiration-chandeliers

I'm on a mad hunt to find vintage chandeliers to hang from gumtrees. They don't even have to work.
Ideally I'd like to hire some as I'm not sure I would need them after the wedding.
Here are a few idea's I've put aside.
I quite like the idea of the recycled jar/bottle chandelier

Might be cheaper

Images from here,here,here,here and here

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today's Wedding Inspiration-flowers

After becoming engaged in August to Nathan, only after being together 15years and 3 children later.

I like to say we do things backwards around here.

I have started to obsess over beautiful wedding pictures
So thought I would show you my inspiration along the way.

I'll start with flower idea's I am loving at he moment.
Guess the theme?

More Bushka Love

In love, had to have them, Maxwell & Willams Russian Doll Mug stack

Monday, September 6, 2010


Remember way back when I started restoring this old meat safe style cupboard way back here
Well she is finally finished(with help from my dad) and in my bedroom not the bathroom, like first intended
It turned out beautifully , it even got a lovely tiled table top


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back into the swing of things

new mygirl tags

Hello, I'm back

After a little crafty lull, not helped by being sick for 3 weeks with this horrible lurgy going around at the moment.

I'm back into the swing of things, with a little help from our BIMD that was on Saturday(and beautiful spring weather)
market prep

She was a crazy week trying to catch up from the last market. Having no time between my new job, kids,home life and being sick. But I got there, finally calling it quits at 1:30am Saturday morning for my early market rise of 5am. But whats new.

So I am determined to keep going with my sewing even if it means getting one thing done a day.

I am starting by revamping my sewing room it's just not working for me (which may have a big influence on my flow)

As much as I love seeing my fabrics on the shelve to inspire me, I've decided I'm going to purchase some big storage boxes to put it all into to reduce the clutter and streamline my area.

Here are some pics of the market yesterday.

A very happy customer, DAISY,sporting her new MyGirl Bushka singlet and ReRead Bushka bag, she was very excited to get dressed up for Riverfire,

It was so awesome and inspiring to catch up with all the gals yesterday.

I got lots of lovely comments, which always make it worth the stress and lack of sleep and inspires me to get straight into once I get home.

Can't wait to get out and do it all again

As soon as I get my house in some order I will be listing some new items on ETSY, like these absolutely gorgeous Vintage Holly dolly's. But be warned there are only 3 available


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