Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pirate Chaz

The benefits of having an Aunty that sews, is you can turn a nasty eye injury......

into little boys must have accessory, A Pirate Patch.
My poor lil' nephew Chaz, had a run in with Poppy Dave's boat, while playing Pirate's with his big brother Kai yesterday.
Lucky I had my pirate fabric on hand while we were visiting the farm. I was planning to get some hairband making done while I was there.
Chaz's poor mummy Kel, has a bit of a waiting game over the next couple of days,while that terrible swelling subsides to see if his eye is OK. The doctors at the hospital assured us that it was, but you never stop worrying when you have little darlings in your life... And did I mention how brave he was, not a whinge;) love you Chazy

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Wow, what a shiner! Hope that all turns out OK with his eye-
Great pirate patch, though! Isn't it wonderful being an Auntie?


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