Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Party Time at Lyssy May

LyssyMay has just turned 6 and she is having a party. Well a giveaway to celebrate.

Alyssa first launched Lyssy May's in her parents lounge room way back in 2003. And has gone on to do amazing things since.

For example opening her darling little shop in Morningside,Brisbane. Gaining a reputation for her beautifully designed handbags, did I mention her attention to detail,wow.

Lyssy May was also loved by many for it's Handmade Goodness that she offered. Stocking and supporting a number of talented Indie artists. The shop was made up of a healthy 80% ratio of handmade yummyness.

She now resides in Melbourne where she continues to soar, and create new designs.

Alyssa offers free postage Australia wide.

So do yourself a favour and pop on over to the "party" to win yourself one of Alyssa's amazing creations.

Tell her Shannie sent ya'


Widge said...

I Love Love LOVE your blog ! My all time favourite movie is My Girl and i have recently introduced my 4 and a half year old daughter to it and she absolutely adores it aswell. So she was delighted when I flicked onto your blog and the music started up. The bags are gorgeous. xo

Lyssy May said...

Thanks Shannon! Don't forget to enter yourself! x

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Shannon, have already entered. She has some amazing bags doesn't she?


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