Friday, May 29, 2009

Sucked In

I have a thing for seersucker,just screams retro to me.

Which takes me to what I have been up too today
After being inspired by my PRINT book,by Cath Kidston, I took on the challenge to design an A frame skirt.

And this is what I came back with....

Then along came Holly,which goes well with the 'I Heart Holly' singlet

So stay tuned for more designs coming soon or come and check em' out at the YDM next Sunday.

After being so busy leading up to the Ladies Market Night last week I forgot to introduce you to my Bubba Bushka's. I was lucky to get a panel of these pretty girls from Justine, of Mixtape, after signing up to the zine. Issue 9 is just out and I can't wait to get it in the mail soon.

I am thinking maybe summer sleep ware set with matching pants.

1 comment:

Bec said...

Oooh, so much gorgeous stuff in this post!!! I'm another with a thing for seersucker - and that first piece you've got there is simply stunning :)
LOVE your bubba babushkas too - so sweet!!


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