Friday, May 15, 2009

Order up!

Today I was so fortunate to be at home on a Friday,yay! I love Fridays. I was so excited to start my housework(as sick as that sounds) and getting some sewing done,that I totally forgot to go to the aged care garage sale,I was half way through the housework when I remembered, I just could'nt stop and loose momentum.

Oh well will have to call in on the way to work next week, hopefully will bag double the bounty.

One thing I did get round to finishing was Bunting for my friend Gretchen. Gretchen lives on Straddie and her mum loves lighthouses and has a collection going. So when she saw my 'Land Ahoy" Bunting she couldn't resist ordering for her mumma.

We did a swapsy for some yummy Coconut Mackerel. A favourite amongst the island locals. She's definitely got me hooked:)

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Oh what a pretty bunting. The jagged edge cut in the fabric really does make it look really quite different to other buntings out there - very clever.


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