Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Boy

I got some sad news last night from my mum in-law that our Staffy Stelph had passed away yesterday while they were at work. Stelphy moved to the farm with Nate's mum & dad a few years back now when we moved back to Ormiston. And being that my dad already had two dogs here, it broke our heart to send him to live at the farm,after all he was Nate's only boy in the house. But by law and the fact the the other two wouldn't be happy. We knew he was in good hands and had lots of room.
We got Stelph way back when Ursula was a baby.
We were at a friends BBQ and someone mentioned this pup that had been neglected. Nate said he always wanted a Staffy, I coming from having big dogs all my life was not keen on the idea (aren't they vicious dogs anyway) and being that we were living at his mum & dads old house at the time,I wasn't liking his chances. But in the ended everyone came round.
And we are all glad we did,he turned out to be the most loyal,gentle,loving dog you could ever have.
He loved going to the beach or just hanging with the kids throwing the ball and going for a swim the dam(wasn't a very good swimmer,but he thought he was) He was so gentle with them. And it was interesting going to parks with them and seeing that same stereotypical view of Staffy's, that I once had, seen in other people with their kids. Then I would give them the big run down of how great they actually are with kids.
We had some close calls with losing him,allergic reactions,been stolen,drowning,but I will never forget the day when the German Shepard two doors down bit his tongue through the wire fence and left him with a very crooked tongue. It did become part of his character.
You are going to be missed Stelph,you're happy face when we came to visit,waiting at the gate.

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