Monday, May 4, 2009

Channeling Simone

I had a big day of cleaning and trying to get my weekend jobs done, Yesterday
Still no sewing yet,but I'm getting to it,so much in my mind it's about to explode...
I did progress in the bathroom department,I felt like I'd just popped out of Beach Vintage 'project day' page.
I am going to use this old 'meat safe' cabinet for storage in the bathroom,towels,etc.
We had to lose the existing cupboard, as we had to make room for the new bath.

It dosent look much at the moment. I will be replacing the old metal gauze panels on the side with fabric
Here are some pics of the progress,not long now,YAY!
Thank god, cause I am so over peeing in a bucket,a la camping style:)

A little sand and varnish to the resuced vanity


Thea said...

You're so creative. I hope you found some goodies today on your op-shop tour.

Beach Vintage said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog in this article. Shannon, that meat safe is devine. It will look brilliant in the bathroom. Don't give up on that one. It wont need much work done as it looks pretty shabby and perfect too me. Cant wait to see the result. Simone xx


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