Monday, April 20, 2009

Tip Offs

After dropping the girls at dancing this afternoon, which is conveniently located next to The Salvo's, I remembered my friend Wendy tipping me off the other day to a stash of old women's day craft mag pages, patterns,etc,from the 70's. Which she thought would be useful for Alyssa's funky retro/vintage wallpaper wallets. Alyssa uses old pages from original McCall's mags to line the wallets. Not being exactly what I think she would use, I decided to delve a little deeper and to my surprise I found these great DIY buttons and this great craft mag

I was only thinking the other day of the old rag rugs that mum use to have and thought if only I knew how to make them, it would be great to make a dint in my scrap fabric pile


Lyssy May said...

Awesome find! I love those rugs too.

mygirl said...

And it only cost 8 bux, was just looking through the mag and at the back there is a whole series and binding folders to hold them,I swear there was like a whole row there,I am so going back tomorrow


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