Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interior Design

After Finlay decided she liked the idea of getting sets of Le Toy Van furniture for her Birthday.

We set out to do a little decorating on her little BIG doll house.

My dad made this doll house for the girls a couple years back now. From an old set of drawers. It was originally painted with bright colours.

I had a similar one when I was little that he made for me.

The girls were a lot more gracious in receiving they're house then I was when I was little. If you have seen the movie Babe, then you'll get what I mean. But now I am older and wiser, I am all for handmade.

We still have a bit of decorating left to do,like adding flower boxes ,carpet and curtains. But with the "real Reno" still in progress in the bathroom,I have to give into to the fact that I'm not Superwomen,as much as I do try:)
Love the vintage wallpaper....I want to move in

1 comment:

Beach Vintage said...

How wonderful this dollhouse is. Treasured memories for your daughter. Love the wallpaper and the cute caravan!


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