Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girl Power

As you have probably guessed by now, having a house full of girls., I am all for
"girl power"
So I was very proud today when my girls wanted to 'CHIP' in on removing the floor tiles in preparation of the bathroom reno.
GO THE GIRLS,gotta love the safety gear
This bathroom reno is inspired by a cream ,gold claw foot bath I picked from from one of my cleaning clients. She was throwing it out;cost $0. Which then came the old fashion vanity that my dad picked up on a visit to a mates. He was also up grading, so dad offered to take it of his hands for nothing;cost donation $50 So we then set off on a trip to Ashmore(Gold Coast) to a warehouse that promised cheap tiles. Yes to good to be true. So on limited time(dad had to start night shift at 2pm) we raced to Underwood determined to get tiles to start the next morning;cost $170
stay tuned for the process...
P.S yes that is a man in the background,but he only just arrived

1 comment:

Lyssy May said...

I love the enthusiasm your girls always have to pitch in. Plus the 'safety goggles' are super cute!


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