Tuesday, April 21, 2009

B'day & Buttons

Yesterday was Wendy's Birthday. She asked me awhile ago now to make her one of my retro tablecloth singlets,but never got round to it for her.... Until today I made myself.

She is also going to get a couple of sets of my new hair bands. One set even matches her singlet.

These were made with the button sets I scored from my visit to the Salvo's yesterday.

Wendy is going to be calling in for a cuppa in the morning and to take some photo's of me at the sewing table for her 2nd instalment of paintings she is doing for her assignment. This is going to be a fun one,it will be involving chooks,teacups,babushka's,cats.... Cant wait to show you all when it is finished
Oh and she is an old Holly fan from way back,too!

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