Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seeking Market Stall Interest

Maddion holding the fort for me at the Ormiston College Market Night

After searching the South East for a suitable, affordable craft/ handmade market and not having much luck.

I have decided it was time to tackle it head on and come up with an arty farty Market.
Possibly in Bulimba or West End.

At this stage it's a storm in a tea cup.

I am gathering arty/crafty/handy/original folk to register their interest.

Shoot me an email to register your interest,just leave your contact details and alittle bit about yourself,EASY!

Or you might know of someone else clever that would be interested

My email is

Yours creatively in craft



Beach Vintage said...

Hi Shannon, one of my staff Tracey whom lives at Bulimba is part of a craft group in Brisbane called Bris Style. They are all local Etsy crafters - maybe you could email her?? I will send through details on your personal email tomorrow. Simone xx

mygirl said...

how funny was in your shop today talking to Megan about Tracey and then she came in. Thanx Simone,hopefully I will get some more interest

Thea said...

HI Shannon,
I had this same idea before. It's easy to find talented participants but the problem is finding a location. There are very few parks in Brisbane that the council will allow you to rent space in. Bulimba isn't one of them. Perhaps the local community halls is the way to go?

mygirl said...

Well,I am now thinking I might have it at my place. I have half an acre and quess who my friendly neighbours are? A church huge grass area,thinking it could work...


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