Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Heart Holly

I am very inspired today to get some sewing done,after getting last months sales from Raggedy Anne.
Or maybe it's all that rain we are getting in SEQ at the moment.Not to mention all that tea sippin'

So after my friend Miss Annie put in an order for a Holly Hobbie singlet for Miss Bella, I went with the theme.

I have loved Holly Hobbie since a lil' girl.
I even had to buy this quilt cover for Finlay after seeing it on Ebay.
I had the exact same one when I was a lil' girl.
Mum and Dad decorated my room in pink and blue wallpaper and restored an old silky oak bed. Which is where my Holly Hobbie doona lived.

I still have the bed, my Eldest daughter now owns it. After my dad did some much needed alterations on it, like removing the sagging spring thingy and converting it to wooden slats. Much better for growing bodies


Candice Herne said...

Julia and I had matching holly Hobby lunch boxes. Can't wait to get Suki into her Holly Hobby dress you designed. Looking good!

mygirl said...

Thanx Candy,Cant be long now,she must be getting so big. Hope to catch up with you guys soon

Nicole said...

Seeing those pics of Holly Hobby takes me back to when I was a little girl! These singlets are so sweet!


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