Monday, September 21, 2009

Race Course Rd Street Party

And that is was, I mean the whole st was packed with everything from street performers,bands to market stalls and did I mention Food, soooo much food

Brisbane definitely turned on the good weather for the day,and at times it was bit summery being that we were on the bitumen

With so much happening it seemed like the good folk were on a mission to be where it was all at,the music and food and free stuff that was on offer at the end of the street. But eventually making their way back down the street to were we were waiting for them.

1. The beautiful
Sandrine tending to another customer,her designs are very popular
Up In Annies room makes wonderful jewelery from vintage scrabble tiles
Embelish and Jellygnite with their beautiful hair and childrens accessories
4. Beckybean's cool bags made from up cycled tea towels and tablecloths
5&6. The amazing BrisStyle co-op stand for all the lovelies that couldn't have a stall on the day, the tables looked amazin'

If anything it was a great day to promote our BrisStyle Christmas Market on the 5th of December.

Sam's gorgeous Dolly's from Jettas Nest Beckybeans cool bags
Also I would like to thank Michelle and Caitlin of Vintage Visions for being my partner on the day,meant I got to go out and take it some of the action

Also to Lyssy to taking the time out of her busy social schedule to come and visit me,was so great to see her


Beach Vintage said...

Looks like a successful day.

Sandrine said...

WOW Shannon!!!!How did you managed to take all these pics, I did not even see you sneaking out!Lucky I was not doing something embarrasing in front of your camera, or just thanks for selecting a good pic!!;))))What a cool post about the day!Have a great week;)xx

mygirl said...

was a great day, thanks Sandrine,was moving about all day even made it to the end of the street,hunted down the Hare Krishna's to get a feed,and some one said doilies so I was there

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

It was so nice to meet you on Sunday..What a great post.

* said...

Great post, it was a fantastic day and great to catchup with the BrisStyle team.


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