Friday, September 4, 2009

My Nan

My Nana and Ocearna when she was a baby(she made the swing)

Tonight I am taking the time to reflect on the life of my Nana,my Dads mother, who sadly passed away today.
Today was my eldest daughters Birthday, so a day of joy and sadness.

My Nana Ros(Jean) was a very inspirational women. I used to love her stories from the past. She was like a book. I feel she still had so much more to tell me.

A real battler, raising a family of 6, the wife of a Fisherman.

Very strong and hard working, always mending and building things,never afraid to get her hands dirty.

An Artist, avid Gardener, Golfer and Bowler

A painting for Baby Ocearna

She never stopped.

I have very fond memories of time spent with her and will miss her Wisdom...
Fun times at Straddie growing up, Nana later painting us at Deadman's Beach

Rest in Peace Nana. I will miss you


Thea said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Shannon. May you always remember her fondly. x

Little Diva said...

She sounds like an amazing wooman Shannon. So sorry to hear the sad news. Christine xo

deborah leigh said...

shannon, you write and sound like I feel. Women from that generation just cannot be replicated! Wisdom and knowledge, courage and dedicated love. My gran passed this morn, no more pain, and in peace. cuddles to you. fabricated deb

House and Doll said...

Oh Shannon, I am so so sorry honey. My thoughts are with you now. Regards, Simone

Lyssy May said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dear Nan. What a talented lady and obviously a big part of your life. My best to you and your family.x

mygirl said...

thank you everyone for your lovely thoughts, she is going to be truely missed


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