Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

As adults we do get very busy on a day to day basis and forget the simple things in life.

For example frolicking by the Bay.

I took some time out from the busy day I was having,just after I mowed for 3hrs and just did this.

Kids are so beautiful to watch playing, away from computers and TV

Although it was very gusty down our way today, it was lovely to take them out on an adventure

The to do list for our walk was to...

go to the park,tick

look for crabs under rocks,tick

spot the Narnia Ship,tick

gather cuttlefish for anyone that had a bird,tick

Along the way Finlay's friend Isabella spotted a whole shell unopened,they were very disappointed when they smashed it on the pathway on the way home to see there was no pearl or treasure inside,priceless

But the most important part,are we still getting an ice cream

Just goes to show you don't have to venture to far from home to have fun

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