Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Times they are a Changin'

As some of you may know I have been cleaning private homes for a few years now..
This has served me well while my girls have been little and at school.
But now as they are getting older and able to manage.
And having my life turned upside down and around again all in 5 months.
It was time to put things in to perspective and do something for me.
So I'm packing my mop and broom away,
and taking on the retail world.
But first I have to become a full time student, just as my girls are going on holidays, mummy is going back to school.
So with that in mind, mummy has been busy this week trying to bring some order to the house, so that I don't totally lose my mind.
With a couple of new items from the 1/2 price sales, that seem to be in every shop at the moment(they were begging to be bought) I proceeded to hang them up in my cupboard and this is what happened......
When I first saw my pile, I thought oh no what have I started, even considered parting with my Vintage and Boho clothes(only a passing thought)

But when I introduced smaller coat hangers and sorted my "retail" clothes from my "Boho" clothes, I felt much better. Feeler a little closer to being organised. Even dabbled in a bit of colour coordination(that won't last)

It's my last day home alone tomorrow, so really hoping to get some sewing done, but have a funny feeling I might get side tracked into "organising" It's so nice cleaning my own home for a change


Sandrine said...

I wish you all the best with your "new life" Shannon, I think you are very courageous!And maybe I need to sort out my cupboards too hehehe:)xx

mygirl said...

THANKS Sandrine, your so sweet:)x

Little Jane St said...

Congrats with you big step! Good luck wishes to you:)


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