Friday, June 11, 2010

Love of Friday♥

After picking Finlay up from her friends this evening, she informed me how she would like to her hair tomorrow, thinking it was a school day, she has done this to me before. And I am always shocked. I asked her don't you look forward to Friday( I know I do), it's like the best day of the week. Then Ursula informed me that Monday was her favourite, I asked why? Because I have Tutoring with KIP and district softball training. I said to myself enjoy that while it lasts. Monday! eeww!

So with that in mind I'm starting a new weekly feature Love of Friday♥ and I will post what I am in love with every Friday

Today I'm in love with.....

This Cath Kidston Bag, torn between the Navy and this one though. And something to save up for, considering my favourite bag of the moment is my Aqua Charlie Brown sling bag I picked up for 8 bux at the Salvo's last month.

This bag is available from Lark


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