Monday, July 20, 2009

Practicing Patience

I am starting to gather quite a large pile of vintage tablecloths and materials.

Although I have a pattern for a smock dress, I am determined to perfect another design before grabbing the scissors and cutting into these treasures.

I picked up these beauties this afternoon at the local salvo's
Someones nana put alot of work into crochet around the edges of these tablecloths

I am always so amazed when I come across such lovely vintage materials like these.
I discussed it with Finlay on the way out of the shop.
Wondering how they came to be here. Then realised I was sharing my joy of vintage with a 7 year old,she'll get it one day,right?
Maybe someones Nana passed away(think I was talking to myself at this stage) and they weren't appreciated by the recipient.
Or where they a gift that some just did not like. I wonder. Always wondering what lovely stories these tablecloths hold. Family Christmas lunches and Birthday gatherings

I also came across this vintage tea towel when going through my fabrics,and had to laugh,
Think I have to frame this one for the kitchen. Would be interested in knowing how old this is,what a classic


Candice Herne said...

this is a fantastic tea towel shan! and those table cloths beautiful I can't wait to see what you whip up from them. Candyxx p.s. paper plates are handy!

deborah leigh said...

Wow Shannon what finds you have made. When I am lucky enough to find beauties like these my heart starts racing like a kid in a candy shop. It s so much fun looking for them too, and at the op shops you just never know what you might find that day!! I would nearly say I can't drive past a shop like that!


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