Sunday, July 12, 2009

Market Day(again)

Phew, it's been a big couple of months with all these markets,the months have sort of just blurred together. Nevertheless is been great and the weather,Perfect!

It's been so great meeting lots of new people. Each market someone new.

Yesterday was the Boutique Market which promised to be a huge day and it didn't disappoint.

The crowds were huge.
With the Chocolate & Coffee Affair on I expected nothing less.

Unfortunately I didn't get a huge lot of photo's as my brain always seemed pre occupied with something else. Oh and it doesn't help when you get home at 1:30am that morning from a party at the Gold Coast and then have the Alarm set for 5:30am.

The Markets took on a new set up this time with all 3 walls set up on the marquees.
Making it look like lil boutique shops
Early morning before the crowds

Made sure I got in early for the ever popular Tabitha's Place mini cupcakes,yum!

Alarna from Little Jane St
And last but not least I would like to say a big thank you to my beautiful adjacent neighbour, MEL from Taybian for helping me out


Rachael said...

it did look like little boutique shops didn't it - so gorgeous!

Little Jane St said...

Hi Shannon!
Great to see you on the weekend! LOVE my new singlet! See you next month:)


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