Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Souvenir Edition

When I saw that Simone, from Beach Vintage was to have a feature in this months Women's Weekly, or should I say Charli:) I was so excited and had to have it. Bugger that it was Kate and Harry that was the souvenir part. She was the reason I was buying it
What an amazing and inspirational women she is. I don't know how she does it.
Congratulations Simone, well deserved

images from Beach Vintage
p.s if you look close you will see a mygirl Bushka on Charli's bed
unfortunately this pic didn't make the mag


theoldboathouse said...

Me too, ha! I have been carting it around so I can show everyone...I bet there is a spike in Women's Weekly sales, cheers Katherine

Spots & Stripes said...

It was a wonderful photo shoot. It was just like Simmone's shop, so pretty and colourful!

Beach said...

Hi Lovely, thanks for the blurp. Yes, I was so hoping your little Bushka would make it. That was actually one of my favourite photo's.


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