Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vintage Lovers Look Away... this may hurt

After my last post I jumped in the Ute to go and pick up vintage dresser from the Salvo's.

Shifter in hand to remove the mirror, thinking I would be doing it on my own, and not getting much assistance from the old lady behind the counter.

Half way through doing this, enter my man "helper"(think he works there) asking "are you taking this on the Ute" "Sure am" I said.

Insisting it will be fine on the Ute, don't even take the mirror off, she'll be right.

The whole time my gut was feeling something different.

We put it on the Ute,he, pushing away the tie downs that were in his way, my gut telling me, should use them.

"nah" he says, she'll be right.

So me, being one not to offend, took his, what seemed at the time, knowledgeable advice. Surely he's done this plenty of times, Right?

I didn't get 30 seconds down the road and,BANG! SMASH! there goes that idea.

I was gutted
The mirror was the main thing I feel in love with. You know the ones, thick,heavy,scalloped edges.

Soooo, I'm thinking I my turn it into a mosaic, piece. My dad has already offered to replace it for me. Think he felt my pain. But just won't be the same :(
On a positive note, I picked up two beautiful frames that day


Hot Fudge said...

Nooooo!!! I guess he's off your Christmas Card List.

taylah said...

that sucks! i love those mirrors too, and it is hard to find a good one. hopefully you'll find something just as amazing soon, to make up for it :)


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