Friday, April 16, 2010

Soule mumma

All this week I have enjoyed cooking up beautiful well thought out meals for my girls. Always one for lovely exotic food, most times I am put off by the girls screwing their noses up and saying they don't like it,(I am hopeful one day they will appreciate the humble mushroom) and I give up. But not this time, I am feeling very inspired by my new blog love ecomilf.
It is my job on this earth to teach my children values,otherwise someone else will.

So with this in mind, I started my food shop early in the week, something I sometimes do when I can fit it in our have money. This week I was determined to start the school week with a fridge full of fruit and veg.
Meal no.1 Coconut Curry Barra and Rice
Meal no. 2 Garlic Prawn with fresh Corn and shallots and noodles

Meal no. 3 Baked Sweet Potato and Mushroom with Cream Cheese Hamburgers

Meal no.4 Well I'll call this one a Vegetarian Tortilla stack Lasagne, made with totally from scratch tomato sauce( really enjoyed not using a bottled one) with fresh basil from the garden and Bechamel sauce

It did take me hours but felt much satisfaction when done, and all the girls ate it, friends and all, except Finlay she opted for Avocado on toast, was a bit adventurous for her.
I must admit I was a little worried when it came to putting it in the oven thought it might collapse,but I pulled it off, and it even cut into slices

And to finish off we made Caramel Popcorn

Finlay starting on our Winter Veges, but have to build a fence tomorrow to keep the dogs and chookens out!
Now all I have to do is get this creative in the sewing room.
Til next time ♥ S

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