Thursday, June 26, 2008

getting the OP outa opportunity

Today I had the rare opportunity to go OP shoppin.

The chance all came about because I had to go into Milton to get my mobile phone fixed. Any other person wouldn't be that thrilled to travel the distance on their day off. But being so close to antique central, Paddington. I was keen as mustard.

On arrival I snagged the best park. And soon after I was suddenly overwhelmed with the mass of delightful goodies on offer.

Obviously it has been way to long between visits.

EBay is great, but ya can't beat the hands on experience

After taking this photo of this gorgeous tablecloth,i thought it would make a beautiful bed cover. BUT, don't think it would last the distance on Finlay's bed:(


Jools said...

I WANT that tablecloth! You always find the best stuff - next time take me with you!

mygirl said...

I know is'nt it gorgeous,to beautiful to put in a draw.?? Was so thinking about picking you up. Next time for sure. I had a lovely day!!!


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