Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still Here.....

Hi Everyone, yes I am still alive,just been flat out,running 3 jobs, well 4 if you count the family.

Just to summarise what I have been doing since my last post, at Mathilda's
-work(working for The Body Shop @ Home)
-BIMD (BrisStyle Indie Market Day) so busy forgot to take photos Thanks to Dareen &Daneve from Kish Photography & Design for photos on the day

-school graduation(my baby is off to high school:( ( I was in charge of Dec's)

-sew-work-kids-xmas shopping(and I could go on and on)
And to top it off today I had The Boutique Markets @ Portside(I remembered my camera)
My Little Mate, Mel of RetroBird

It was very hot today and very very windy,my foot coping the brunt of the very forceful winds,still wondering if I have broken bones in there somewhere

Apart from that shocker start it was a nice relaxing day chatting to my lovely neighbours from Pie Rat & Kristy from Retro Wrap/Taylor from Jordan Taylor and doing abit off sewing in between. And a little shopping from Kristy & Taylor, got the girls the cutest little Xmas jarmies from Jordan Taylor check out an inspirational story here


Thea said...

Hi Shannon, I was wondering what you were up to and now we know. Nice to see that you have been so busy. x

taylah_ said...

aaw, thank-you =]

I put my owl bands in my plaits as soon as dancing was over, I love them!
Hope your girls like their pj's,


mygirl said...

Hey Thea, thanks Tay, yeah they love them and I do tooooo! so cute

theoldboathouse said...

Hi Shannon,Wow you have been busy.Everything looks so cute, and so fabulously displayed. cheers Katherine

mygirl said...

thanks Katherine, I have driven by a couple of times lately, and oh the force between me and that road is so strong:) on my way to work, really dying to come in,money helps:)

REread said...

like the pics :) ... you daughter looks so much like you, very pretty smile

taylah_ said...

Hi Again,

Just letting you know that our brand new website went live today! Still a little bit of tweaking to do, but i'd really love for you to check it out.
It is still, but with a whole new look.


lin said...



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