Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Up-Cycling Noah's ark

Today I have finally finished my easy,breezy summer dress/smock top prototype, that I did start on the weekend, but was rudely interrupted by other "stuff"

This is first of many to come from this range. Made from vintage tablecloths, tea towels and curtains,like this one I have up-cycled from an awesome "vintage" curtain. I say vintage as I think 80's can just about class as vintage.

They are easy to adjust with a simple ribbon on the side to tie.

It can be worn as a dress from the age of 1-3 or as a smock top from 3 +

Stay tuned......


Jools said...

Oh! I love this :)

mygirl said...

thanx J
very exciting, can't wait to make some more....

Candice Herne said...

Great! I remember making long surfy shorts from this fabric when I was a teenager. memories! Great night Friday I really enjoyed all of it, thanks Shannon Happy Birthday!


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